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Consulting and advisory

  • GreenGlobe offers consulting and advisory services to government and semi-government institutions, multilateral and donor agencies, regulatory bodies, non-profit organizations, research institutions and private sector entities.
  • We have a team of experts from different domain areas to bring-in holistic and 360° perspectives in consulting and advisory projects.
  • We offer end-to-end solutions from conceptualization of project ideas, design of methodology, tapping right mix of expertise, to actual implementation in the field to monitoring and evaluation.
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  • We are actively engaged in collaborative research in domains of environment, climate change, public health, disaster management and allied areas.
  • We conceptualize research proposals, identify the experts with strong research backgrounds, develop robust methodologies, pursue national and international funding opportunities and deliver quality research reports and publications.
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Training and capacity building

  • GreenGlobe experts engage in training and capacity building activities for government, semi-government organizations, regulatory bodies and corporates.
  • We also develop unique course content for specific training needs in our domain areas of expertise.
  • We are seeking active collaborations from institutions specializing in training activities and would like to develop training programmes in environment, climate change, disaster management and public health.
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Awareness campaigns

  • GreenGlobe offers services to corporates and non-profit institutions to design the awareness campaigns for specific target groups.
  • The awareness campaigns are designed with specific inputs from our IT and communications experts for maximum effectiveness in reaching out and delivering the messages to the target audience.