About Us

GreenGlobe is a collaborative effort to build unique partnerships of individuals and organizations striving to be the change agents for Green, Clean, Sustainable, Affordable and Innovative solutions for issues facing the humanity today

  • What is GreenGlobe?

    GreenGlobe is a Global Green

    • Initiative – to promote an integrated green approach to problem-solving
    • Perspective – that brings in Global outlook for Local implementation
    • Environment – to create green platform for proactive and unconventional thinking
    • Ambition – to meet future green challenges with an open mind
  • Why GreenGlobe?
    • Dynamic small team
    • Big on mission-specific goals
    • Best value proposition with small and highly competitive, result-oriented team
    • Unique expert mix of academic research with strong field and implementation experience of more than 20 years each
    • Faster turnaround time
    • Flexible approach to problem solving
About us

About GreenGlobe

GreenGlobe is an Idea promoted by Dr. Archana Patankar, Independent Consultant, Researcher and Practitioner with substantial National and International experience in the field of Climate Change, Health and Environment. Archana brings over a rich experience of conceptualizing, operationalizing and leading policy and practice-oriented assignments across different verticals such as Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation, urban health issues, applied environmental economics and economics of energy sector. She has worked with institutions such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNEP-DTU Partnership, Oxford Policy Management and Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research as well as private sector organizations in India. Archana is regularly invited to national/international fora for knowledge building and capacity building dialogues and maintains continuous engagement with international and national institutions to bring about cross-border and comparative dimensions into the Policy/Practice arena for Global Climate Change and local/regional responses. She holds PhD in Economics from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) and has worked on health effects of outdoor air pollution in Mumbai for her doctoral thesis. In addition to the research and consulting experience, Archana has teaching experience of more than a decade at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.



" I have donned several hats over the past two decades....teacher, researcher, environmentalist, climate change specialist, public health expert and many more. I have seen myself so far as a person with an empirical, scientific bend of mind whom one could loosely term as a technocrat, given my expertise in the 'technical' subject of climate change, public health, environment, etc. But the deeper I delve into these fields and try and make connections and associations with the like-minded people and institutions, the broader is the realization that, in order to stand out and make a difference through my contribution, I need to evolve and continually position and reposition myself as a Brand. Hence, the emergence of "GreenGlobe", which gives me the opportunity to showcase my vision, values, skill sets, uniqueness, associations and my entire ecosystem. I wish to bring to the table this unique Brand - persona, personality, values and associations - that will help in spiraling my future endeavors in this area - Climate Change - the umbrella that covers the way the world functions today and how the world can sustain itself effectively and efficiently in future.

Come join me in this journey and feel free to contribute in your unique way!!!! "

----Dr.Archana Patankar